Payroll Solutions

Adwait Algorithm offers staffing payroll services that give staffing industry professionals peace of mind.

Payroll management made easy

Let our Payroll Integration help you easily post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds.Save time. Rather than typing payroll information twice, just import your payroll post entry into your general ledger in a couple mouse clicks. Find and review payroll journal entries anywhere, anytime. When you need to look up a certain pay period's journal entry, you won't have to search through mountains of payroll records and paperwork. Drastically reduce your chance for errors. Importing journal entries instead of typing them means no more double data entry that's fraught with potential for errors.

Outsource Your Staffing Payroll Operations

When it comes to payroll, staffing agencies have two choices: do it yourself or outsource the work to a staffing payroll services provider. If you decide to handle payroll internally, your staffing business is vulnerable to every possible payroll violation that could happen across state, city and county lines. You must stay on top of the latest rules and regulations within all taxing jurisdictions where you do business — a daunting task for any staffing agency that sends workers to several cities and states.