About us

We deliver unique solutions to each client, because we believe every client is different and we try to exceed each and every client expectations!


Our Journey so Far


Aqcuired second office space in the sunrise state of India - Andra Pradesh

MARCH 2018

Galaxy Ventures acquires Adwait Algorithm


Celebrated 2nd Anniversary with 100+ Recruiters and 30+ Clients


Celebrated 1st Anniversary with 50+ Recruiters and 15+ Clients


Pioneers of bringing RPO as a service delivery center from offshore. Acquired office space in sunrise state of India - Andra Pradesh. Focused on IT Recruitment for the USA

JUNE 2015

The inception od Adwait Algorithm USA market research


Our Professionals

Steve Laino


30+ year career in the information technology industry at Fortune 500 corporations. Maintains comprehensive and extensive technical understanding of the [20] plus complex technology solutions and services.

Translates and articulates complex service offering into comprehensible, actionable, successful and affordable client business solutions. Sells large-scale projects including Data Center Creations, Assessments, and Relocations, Transformations, Migrations, and Cloud Integrations.

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Sujith Kumar Alahari


Business is typically an assemblage of like-minded people that brings readiness & positive changes within the organization. Additionally, it is significant for the business to be conducted with human empathy.

These are the principles that Mr. Sujith Alahari standby, a visionary with a lifelong commitment to connecting opportunities to resources.

Sujith Alahari, founder of Adwait Algorithm is working steadfastly in delivering customer-centric recruitment solutions. Possessing more than 15 years of experience, Sujith is a serial entrepreneur with ingenious business skills including client engagement, architecting recruitment solutions, resource project management, diversity hiring, developing HRMS solutions & lead global teams.

Adwait Algorithm R.P.O was formed with years of collective experience of Sujith in the fields of US IT Staffing, Direct Client hiring, Project based staffing and working with small and mid-size companies. He deeply understands the pain point that small businesses tend to face in their tenure and the core concept of Adwait Algorithm is to reduce the cost of hiring a resource and at the same time building an agile R.P.O model.

He has developed a highly flexible system which is Start-Pause-Play R.P.O model keeping the small business in mind and is going strong. Whether you are looking to hire 1 resource or 100’s of resources, Adwait Algorithm R.P.O model always keeps the cost at check while delivering quality recourse just in time.

Mr. Sujith envisions Adwait Algorithm as an organization which will become a backbone for clients in providing a comprehensive 360º back office solutions covering Human resources, Recruitment, Accounting, Administration, Immigration, Payroll and resource-based project management.

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