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Sometimes staffing companies get into arguments with clients over invoices. Even though a client approves a timesheet, they may come back to you claiming it contains an error. The timesheet could, for example, have been approved for 35 hours, when the employee actually worked 34 hours. Because of the unique nature of accounts receivable management in the staffing industry, an error like this affects both payroll and billing. Our team at Adwait ensures multiple checks to avoid such situations.

Billing or

Invoicing Errors

When a billing or invoicing error is discovered in your staffing agency’s back office, a lot of moving parts need to be adjusted to correct the error. For example, if it’s a timesheet error, will you handle it as a function of the payroll or billing side? Staffing agencies need to know what to do in such situations to remain both compliant and profitable. If your staffing business is a small- to medium-sized company, can you devote the resources necessary to correct billing and accounting errors without hurting your profitability? Our team is dedicated to understanding all the mechanics of this process, so when you partner with us, you don’t need to worry about what to do when an issue arises.

The complete Backoffice solution will be anchored by proven best practices and supported by our team of excellence.