Fully Optimized

Back Office Solutions

With increasing complications in back-office operations amongst industries including warehousing, manufacturing and traveling sector, the ‘second to none’ is being represented by quality-of-service at the right price, right time and without the loss of finances. Therefore, it becomes important for organizations to execute stalwart processes, transactions, drive real-time consumer communication, and track illicit proceedings. A crucial element of the hurdle in achieving these goals is the people-intense back-office processes, built utterly on legacy systems. And the legacy construction of distribution and service systems make it complex determining and working on PNRs (passenger name records) based on business needs.


Travel and Expense

Flexible business travel solutions that gives the admins clear insight into the true cost of the entire trip while helps employees create the expense report automatically. Take the hassle out of Employees for submitting expenses. The travel booking automatically creates the expense reports, and the employees can easily attach photo of receipts and assign them to additional expenses. Complete the entire onboarding process online and on any device, e-sign and be done. Our web-based tools ensure companywide compliance and convenience.

The complete Backoffice solution will be anchored by proven best practices and supported by our team of excellence.