Image Processing

Image Transcription

Adwait's annotators combine both annotation and transcription on one of the most sophisticated and advanced platforms, ensuring the throughput is identical. Accurate image captioning and tagging is the most important aspect of Image Transcription. Precise OCR and future references from these combined tasks are the key result.

Image Processing

Image Classification

Based on your ontology our teams will accurately label and categorize the images. Classification is done based on the quality of the image, its type, its content, or any other attribute, which are updated in your images' archive.

Object Processing

Object Detection

Our Object Detection offering is integrated with knowledge, ability and tools that ensure smooth contouring of the objects of any shape with high precision in a single image. This helps to tag accurate in-image labels for any computer vision project.

Object Processing

Object Tagging

Based on your specific instructions and ontology, Adwait's annotators can select multiple classes and label multiple occurrences of an object in a single image. This empowers you to have your images labeled exactly as your requirements with interchangeable ontologies supporting classes in the hundreds.


Sentiment Analysis

The most important input for you as a brand owner is to know your customers' emotions when there is a contact with your services, product or brand. Our services related to sentiment analysis does this for you and helps you strategize more effectively. Be it text, video or audio, our team efficiently analyze all these carefully and categorize as per your specified criterion.


Video Analysis

Adwait's team helps you extract the required information from your video content which is important for your business. Based on your needs, we efficiently gauge, tag or unearth the information from the videos and make them easily searchable without compromising on your content goals.

The complete Backoffice solution will be anchored by proven best practices and supported by our team of excellence.