Adwait Algorithm

Adwait Algorithm defines Recruitment Process Outsourcing as a process of integrating your Recruitment and Human resource department with talented Adwait Algorithm delivery team. An RPO is a virtual extension of your business and a cost-effective scalable model. Adwait Algorithm team will promote your brand, take care of your employees as our own. We hire the best resources for you on JIT (just in time) or proactively, depending on the need of the hour.

Adwait Algorithm

Recruitment Process Outsourced

At Adwait Algorithm, we strongly believe each customer is different and have unique resource needs. Sometimes the resource needs are time sensitive, whereas some other time it's about finding that one superstar. Sometimes it could be robust project staffing or staff augmentation for a niche skill or domain. No matter what the need or timeline is, Adwait Algorithm RPO On-Demand is flexible to adapt to your needs.

How Does the RPO Process Work?

Steps Involved

Recruitment process outsourcing is designed to integrate with your business, build on your company culture, and fine-tune your recruiting process in order to deliver high quality candidates that will be a great fit for your company.


We develop targeted sourcing strategies to address the needs of specific industries including talent pipelining and screening/assessment.



Rigorous screening, including background checks, reference checks, skill assessments, interviews, and drug screenings create a pool of candidates.



We specialize in recruiting both passive and active candidates to find the best person for the job. And we maintaining tight quality control.



At Adwait Algorithm we are accountable to the client and provides regular analysis of metrics such as cost per hire and time to fill.

The complete Backoffice solution will be anchored by proven best practices and supported by our team of excellence.